All dogs are unique in the way they deal with social interactions and we are here to assess and support all dogs that are involved in our program. In order to do this successfully we need some help.

Helper Dogs truly are a special breed. Their superpowers include:

  • The love of other dogs

  • A general acceptance of lots of different play styles

  • They good with a chest bump, don't mind a good game of chase, but can also handout with dogs who are more interested in just existing

  • Clear communicators - can let other dogs know when they are uncomfortable without causing harm 

  • Accept a correction from another dog. 

  • Tend to de-escalate tense situations.


If this sounds a lot like the furry companion that you bring to the dog park or drop off at daycare and want to help us help dogs. please fill out the Helper Dog Screening. Thank you!


  • Learn about dog social interactions at our orientation - FREE

  • Play with other Helpers at the assessments

  • Participate in ongoing group play (coming soon) - FREE

  • Be featured on our social media pages for the superstars they are!

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